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China Changsha Chanmy Cosmetics Co., Ltd certification
China Changsha Chanmy Cosmetics Co., Ltd certification
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Latest company news about TOP 10 MAKEUP TIPS FOR DRY SKIN – TRIED AND TESTED


I have struggled with dry sensitive skin for the longest time. When I started applying makeup, as much as I loved using it, I would always end up with cakey face, and within 3-4 hours my face would look old and very makeup-y. I used all good brands and highly raved products, but would still face this issue. With time, I have finally understood how to make my makeup look really flawless. These tips would work great if you are someone with dry to very dry skin. If you have Oily-Combination skin, I am not sure of the results. However, you can always give them a go.


1.Prep your skin: With dry skin, it is extremely important to exfoliate your skin regularly. Dry skin tends to have a lot of dead skin cell that cover your face giving it a patchy look. I always make sure to exfoliate my face every other night. It keeps my skin smooth and avoids formation of patches.


2.Moisturize: I cannot emphasize on the importance of this step. As soon as I clean and exfoliate my skin, I load it with moisturizers. My skin is a little too dry which is why I use skin oils/serum along with my moisturizer. The simple lay is, if your skin is already hydrated, it will not absorb the moisture from the foundation when you apply it on your skin, keeping it from looking dry through the day.


3.Prime: I have never been fond of priming my skin, but lately I have noticed that priming selectively, only the parts of my face that need attention, goes a long way in keeping your makeup looking fresh. I use a pore minimizing primer on my nose and T-Zone and a hydrating one on the rest of my face. As the pores are filled in, and texture is smoothed out, it becomes easier to apply foundation on my face.


4.The Mix Trick: Now, this is my favourite trick. Add 1-2 drops of face oil to your foundation, mix and then apply on your face. This trick has worked great for me. I notice that it makes my foundation so much more blendable, plus it keeps my skin hydrated through the day. Although, I would recommend not to add too much oil, as that might cause the foundation to slip around and fade quickly. Try the Loreal Extraordinary boosting oil. If oil is too much for you, try adding your regular moisturizer instead. It does take down the coverage a bit, but gives more natural finish.


5.The Illumination mix: If you don’t like to mix oils to your foundation, try mixing liquid illuminators. Revlon, Colorbar, Faces, they all make great illuminators. Mix some amount to the foundation, or apply the illuminator onto your dry areas before applying the foundation. This illuminator will come through the day as your foundation starts to fade, making sure you look glowy through the day. Oily skin peeps might want to avoid it.


6.Use Beauty sponges instead of brushes: Using damp beauty sponge over synthetic brushes is a great tip. I love my beauty blender, YBP makeup perfector or PAC cosmetic blender, to apply my foundation. Make sure it is clean, then dampen it under running water and keep squeezing until it is fully damp and has increased in size. Then squeeze all excess water, squeeze once more in a paper towel, and then use it to apply foundation, in bouncing movement. The dampness of the sponge really blends the foundation well, and settles the dry skin flat on the skin. It also absorbs any excess product, avoiding any cake face through the day.


7.Give settling time to your base makeup: This is something that won’t make sense at first, but once you try it, you will see the difference. Once you have applied the foundation, leave it like that for 2-3 minutes. Don’t apply powder immediately. This allows time for your skin oils to blend with the foundation. It further smoothens the foundation, without you even touching your face. Once settled nicely, you can see that the finish of the foundation goes a little drier. By not immediately setting the foundation, one can avoid applying powder over areas where it is not required.


8.Do not over Powder: Powder is essential to set the makeup, but try and apply powder only to the area where your skin tends to crease. On the days my skin is super dry, I only apply powder over the areas I use my concealer. I leave the rest as is. It goes a long way in keeping my skin from looking too dry. Try using powder that are translucent and have less coverage. More coverage powders tend to cake more.


9.Prefer Compact over Loose: Loose powders mattify more than compact powder, so stick to using compacts over loose powder. Avoid the baking technique with powder, if your skin is too dry. Apply powder using damp sponge, I know it sounds crazy, but somehow, the finish a damp sponge gives is never dry, plus it sets the makeup better.


10.Use Makeup setting spray: Using a setting spray in the end goes a long way. I love MAC Fix+. You can make your own cocktail by mixing 3 parts rose water and 1 part glycerin, store in fridge. Shake and spray on your face. It hydrates my skin, settles all the powder products, making them to look much more natural. Plus, it elongates the longevity of the makeup, what more can we ask for.


Bonus Tip: Always Always Always keep your self hydrated from within. I know, you’ve heard of this a thousand time, but I cannot emphasize enough. If I don’t drink enough water even for a day, I can see creasing on my skin goes bad. So keep drinking good amount of water.

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