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China Changsha Chanmy Cosmetics Co., Ltd certification
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About the makeup brushes importance and usage


We understand the importance of using makeup brushes to apply our favorite products, so we’ve done our research to find out a little more about them.


The many types of makeup brushes


You could own all of the beauty products in the world, but without a good set of brushes, the chances are you’ll find it pretty difficult to achieve that high quality makeup look you’re gazing for.



You need the right tools for your face, and whilst other assets are important such as tweezers, compact mirrors and lash curlers, brushes hold the number 1 spot for the ability to create a flawless finish.



These days, there’s a type of brush or tool for every part of your makeup routine. And whilst there are way too many to discuss in one go, there are some classics and essentials that are needed in everyone’s brush collection.


Fan brush – this can be used for numerous tasks like applying blush, however it is most popular for applying that dust of dazzling highlight to your cheekbones.


Brow brush – it can be used to apply brow powder or gel to the brows for a fuller appearance. The best ones tend to be angled so the product can be applied to represent hair strokes. For fully groomed brows, a multipurpose brow comb always comes in handy.


Powder brush – one of the classics and a must-have in everyone’s brush collection. These can be used to apply any type of powder product successfully due to the large bristles.


Eye blending brush & eye shadow brush – both needed for the perfect eye look. For blending the eye shadows into the lid seamlessly and a precise eyeshadow application.



Angled eye brush – This is your best bet at creating a fierce winged liner, due to its ability to create definition with liquid, gel or powder products.


Lip brush – not necessarily an essential but very useful. These can be used to apply any lip product as the sharp square edges allow for a defined application.


Kabuki brush – the super soft and wide rounded bristles make these great for applying loose powder or bronzer to various points of the face.


Angled face brush – these make adding definition to the face easier when it comes to applying bronzer on the cheek bones, blush or highlight.


Beauty blender – technically not a brush, but an essential tool for everyone in 2016. These sponges provide a flawless and smooth finish for liquid foundation, concealers, or setting powder. Also great for blending out contour.


So how did the idea of makeup brush tools come about?

Before 1835, like many cosmetics, makeup brushes, along with mirrors, were expensive luxuries and used only for the wealthy. Back in B.C, China had make animal hair brushes for the use of calligraphy, brush in China is a writing brush, until later on to today's makeup brushes, so brushes have come a long way since that;


Applying professional make up


Of course, you can’t use brushes well, without using a mirror. And these came hand in hand when the Germans started to mass produce mirrors and the modern, more affordable makeup brushes.


Now, in 2018, there are constantly new and improving brushes for different techniques and ways of applying your favorite products. One of the many crazes the beauty bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus are loving this year are the Artis Brushes, which retail for around $35-$75 for one brush. They even have an elite gold edition, which includes 10 brushes retailing at a whopping $495.


Other popular brands include Vonira Brushes, Sigma and MAC,Zoeva, just to name a few. And in this day and age, there’s no surprise that even popular YouTubers are creating their own brush designs, Nic and Sam, also known as ‘Pixiwoo’ partnering with Real Techniques being one.


What are our brushes actually made from? When searching the shelves for a new face brush to buy, there’ll only really be two options… synthetic brushes or ones made of natural hairs.


Synthetic brushes:

These tend to be made from polyester or nylon.

Best when used for creams and gel textures such as foundation, creams, concealers.

Their bristles move along with each other, making them great for a precise application. More affordable than real hair brushes and shed less.

NARS and Urban Decay are some of the brands who have successful brush ranges which are totally cruelty free.


Natural hair brushes:

These tend to be made from either squirrel, goat or sable hair.

Mostly used for powder substances such as eyeshadows, blushes or setting powder.

Their bristles move freely, allowing you to easily blend your products.

They tend to be softer than synthetic brushes but also tend to shed more.

We vonira beauty brush do natural cruelty free ‘animal hair’ brushes for a high quality but guilt-free addition to your brush set.


Here’s a whole lot more brushes and what you can use them for :



We also dug a little deeper into blush, foundation, mascara, nail polish, false lashes, lipstick and perfume!


So, what is your favorite makeup brush brand?

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