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China Changsha Chanmy Cosmetics Co., Ltd certification
China Changsha Chanmy Cosmetics Co., Ltd certification
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Many thanks Mark,you always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation.

—— Tara AU

Just received vonira parcels,it is always exciting,for quality is really amazing,just as vonira mission to produce the best makeup brushes for women.

—— Sateria Mills Makeup Artist

I am satisfied with your makeup brush.I think it's very beautiful and Practical.I am also satisfied with your service.It's very kind!

—— Viktoria Steinbach Germany

Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know you.

—— Meera Kotecha From UK

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Company News

Summer is coming!


With the summer just around the corner, it’s time to get those pretty dresses out and sandals on!


With the sun on its way, we don’t need to cover up with layers of products in natural daylight like we do in the winter. So as the days get lighter and the weather gets warmer, heavy layers of makeup isn’t at all necessary and can look too thick and caked.


Here are some Top Tips on toning it down, and making the most of your beautiful complexion, enhancing your natural beauty making you look more like a ‘Greek goddess’ rather than a ‘Melting Wax Doll’.


Natural is best and gold and bronze tones really give us a healthy glow make our cheek bones stand out, our smile look brighter and our eye colour pop!



The sun is amazing for our skin lots of Vitamin D does wonders for our skin, however it’s vital that we still protect our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB Rays, to prevent our skins from early signs of ageing, Pigmentation and skin cancer we need to protect ourselves by applying a very good Sunscreen factor 30/50 is recommended by Dermatologists.


Top Tips:

• Coconut oil is a natural way for removing waterproof makeup, a great skin cleanser it will also dramatically improve the moisture of your skin.


Leave on your brows and lashes overnight for fuller longer lashes. Deep conditioning treatment for healthier hair.

Coconut oil used over your makeup above your cheekbones gives you a beautiful natural highlighter. It is amazing for soft supple glossy lips. This is the overall perfect product to have this summer.



• Eyebrows can be brushed in place, shade in brows going in the direction of the hair growth using a stroke technique with a soft shadow/brow makeup for a natural result.



• Add a drop of almond oil to your foundation for a easy application and glowing dewy finish. This will make your skin look amazing.


• Choose golden and peachy warmer tones to add a glow to your complexion. Bronzer lightly dusted over the cheek bones and just above the brow bone will give you a warmer glow.


•Prime your skin to keep your makeup on all day if you ha e oily skin you can opt for a mattifying primer to reduce any oil build up.

•Use a finishing powder over your T zone areas to help your makeup last all day.


• If your opting for a normal foundation coverage apply using your fingers for a natural finish or a blender/Stippling brush for a more heavier coverage.....Add a slight shimmer with a dust of highlighter just above the cheekbones.



Prime your eyes with a good primer to keep everything in place all day.


• Golds and Bronze tones will enhance the colour of your eyes and make them pop, a small amount to the lids is all you need to catch the light. A natural brown Matt shade softly chiselled into the upper and lower lash line then smudged out will add depth.


• Lightly highlight under your eye area and any imperfections with a concealer or lighter shade of foundation. To reduce lines or wrinkles add a small amount of moisturizing lotion to give you a more natural youthful look. Remember less is more.


•Opt for a brown/ Grey liner instead of black for during the day, it’s more flattering and less severe. Enhance your eyes with a couple of layers of eyeshadow smudged over the lash line, then you may choose to add a sleek liquid liner for definition.


•Curl your lashes and brushing out your mascara to give your lashes a longer and more natural effect.



•Plump up your lips with a pencil shading just outside your lip line for fuller lips and inside the lip line for a smaller appearance. Colour in the centre of the lips using your pencil for a long-lasting colour. Then add a Colour Lip gloss for a perfect pout.


• Nude Lip gloss or lipstick if you like to keep it natural.


•Brave it and Bronze by choosing a Lip gloss more bronze or peachy you will immediately add a healthy natural glow.

Greek goddess ready... You can now show your friends how naturally pretty you are!


By Marissa Bennett

                          - Make-up Artist Mentor

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