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Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
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Many thanks Mark,you always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation.

—— Tara AU

Just received vonira parcels,it is always exciting,for quality is really amazing,just as vonira mission to produce the best makeup brushes for women.

—— Sateria Mills Makeup Artist

I am satisfied with your makeup brush.I think it's very beautiful and Practical.I am also satisfied with your service.It's very kind!

—— Viktoria Steinbach Germany

Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know you.

—— Meera Kotecha From UK

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Hey guys, how are you doing today? I am finally getting down to writing this review, and OMG, was it asked for by you guys.


If you love makeup, you would understand the importance of makeup brushes. It used to always make me sad that there were no good quality affordable brushes in asia market at all. The ones available in health and glow or new are simple brushes, but they do not cover the entire range or variety of brushes. When I started doing makeup, I went to JAPAN brand site store straight to buy brushes, but the prices had me shook. I mean, if I pay almost 2K for a single brush, it will take me eternity to build my vanity.

This is when I discovered VONIRA beauty on online shopping site. It was long back VONIRA beauty became the rage that they are today. I ordered one brush because the pic online looked promising and the price was surprisingly low. When I received the brush, I was dancing with joy. The quality of these brushes is almost in same level with Japan brand brushes but the prices are almost 1/3rd or even less. Slowly I build my collection with VONIRA brushes, and now I think I have almost all the kinds of brushes I need, including face and eye makeup brushes. That being said, I don’t say I am going to stop buying brushes, because, well, lets just say I am a makeup addict. I need to try everything. But I would also like to emphasize, you don’t need to own every single brush I have to show here. These brushes can very easily multi task, especially the face brushes. So go ahead, find the ones you like, and enjoy using them.


The brushes, they come individually in a zip pouch, which is great for travelling. Although I don’t store my brushes in these, but they are great on the go or if you are a hygiene freak and want your brushes to be covered all the time. All these brushes have been washed atleast 10 times by me, and I am no delicate user. So after using them for months, i can gladly say, they stay put, do not loose their shape easily. They do shed every once in a while, but mostly like a hair or two, nothing crazy at all.



All the brushes are very soft to touch, and they do not feel scratchy at all. They pick product nicely and blend it all seamlessly. I will state what I use every brush for, but you don’t have to stick to that. Use however you like to use them, there are no rules. All the brushes have wooden handles, so do keep them away from water when washing them, if you get the handle wet, wipe it with a tissue before you leave them to dry.



You can order them from vonira partner stores or from luxurymakeupbrushes.com

Face Brushes:

VONIRA 07: Tulip shaped brush, ideal for powder and bronzer application, I use it to apply my blush too sometimes. With the tapered shape, it easily gives you control to place contour and bronzer where you want them to be. The bristles are really soft.


VONIRA 08: This is a multitask brush, as VONIRA names it and I couldn’t agree more. This is a dense, but slightly tapered brush. It is a little flattened which makes it a little stiff. The stiffness is why I love to use it for highlighting, when I want my highlight to be on fleek. I also use this as a blush brush. Again, soft bristles, great for contouring too. The bristles are white, so they do tend to stain over time.


VONIRA 14: This is the best brush for highlighting. It is fluffy, with long bristles. Picks up the product nicely and blends it nicely too. I also use it to contour my cheeks on the days I want my contour to be sharp. It is a little too abused at the moment and has lost the tapered shape a bit. But once I wash it and reshape it, it will be back to being new.


VONIRA 47: Its a fan brush with natural hairs. You can see the density of bristles goes less towards the ends, while it is denser towards the base. This makes it ideal for highlight application, if you prefer to use less product. I use it with very pigmented highlighters, to make sure not to look like a glitter ball.


VONIRA 05: It is a large flower brush, with dense bristles. I am obsessed with this brush. It is PERFECT for contouring. Being fan like, it places my contour nicely and precisely, but with all the dense bristles, it blends the contour like a dream. I pick up product only on the center of the brush, place it at the edge of my face, in the centre of my ear, and blend towards my mouth. And there you are, perfect contour in no time. If you are new with contouring, try this brush, it will never fail you.


Eye Brushes:

VONIRA 23: This is a blending brush. It is quite fanned out and tapered at the end. I love to use this to apply my transition shade. Sometimes I use it to just buff one color all over my lid and be done with it. It’s a great brush for beginners, although if you don’t have much lid space, or a crease, this brush might not be ideal for you.


VONIRA 25: This is the most epic pencil brush I have ever used. It is much better than the MAC 219 as well. It is not scratchy, its very tiny and precise and I love to use it on my lower lashline and inner corner. This is my must have. If you like applying kajal on daily basis, use this to smudge it on the lower lashline. Love love love how precise it is.


VONIRA 17: This one is a perfect eyeshadow all over brush. A must have for all makeup lovers. You can use it to blend color, to pack on color, to define the crease. I can do my entire eye makeup, alonw with this brush. A must have.


VONIRA 24: This one is a thicker pencil brush. I use it to apply color on my outer corners or inner corners of the eye. The tip is very pointy and the brush is stiff so it works great for precise application; but its not ideal for blending at all. I like to use it to spot conceal blemishes on my face too, works great for that.


You might love these coz:

  • Great quality
  • Soft to touch, not at all scratchy
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online
  • Do not shed
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store

You might hate them coz:

  • I can’t find a reason to hate these.
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