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Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
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Using the correct cosmetics brushes can mean getting the most out of your make-up.

So THAT'S what they're for! The ten make-up brushes every woman needs in her cosmetics bag (and how to use each one)

Brushes play a huge part in getting the most out of make-up
The shape helps fit with the contours of the face
Densely-packed bristles make for more intense application and vice versa


With so many types of make-up brush on the market, it can be almost impossible to figure out the purpose of each and every one.

But whether it's creating a flawless finish, or a face-transforming arched brow, brushes can play a huge part in getting the most out of your make-up.

FEMAIL introduces the ultimate guide to cosmetic brushes - from flat-tipped to fluffy - while international make-up artist Davinia Fermi recommends her must-have tools.




With a flat structure and rounded tip with buffed edges, this brush is perfect for applying a flawless and even base.

The thin build is suitable for all-over liquid application, even in the narrow areas of the face.


The springy hairs, which are densely packed, help to give your base a streak-free finish.

Apply liquid foundation in dots in the needed areas and use the brush to blend outwards.


The flat round-tipped foundation brush (left) is perfect for the application of liquid foundation, and the small slanted brush (right) is suitable for defining eyebrows and lining the eyes

The concealer brush fits perfectly on the under-eye area due to the rounded tip and soft bristles.



A multi-purpose brush that can either be used on the brows or on the eye area - it is an absolute beauty must.

Use with gel-liner or eye shadow to define the eyes, or with a powder to tame the brows.

The hairs of the brush are long enough to enable fluid lines, while still adequately springy to create solid definition.

Follow the arch of the brow with the slant of the brush, which hug the contours of the eye.

If you're feeling adventurous, opt for a feline cat-eye flick.



Fitting perfectly on the under-eye area, the rounded tip of the small flat brush is great for creating a soft finish.

The slightly longer hairs make for flexible application, and are suitable for blending all types of concealer formulations, whether they are cream or liquid.

Smear a small amount of the concealer on the area, and use the brush to draw downwards, smoothing for even coverage.


The contour brush fits perfectly in the hollows of cheeks for bronzer while the kabuki brush can distribute loose powder in larger areas.


The fan brush is a multipurpose brush that can rid the skin of make-up errors and blend harsh lines.



Characterised by a fluffy structure with a slightly angled end, this brush fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheek.

Dust a small amount of bronzer, lining up the slant with the angle of your cheek, to subtly enhance the cheekbones.



With a short stem and dense bristles, the kabuki brush is superior to a powder brush in terms of control and wide-spread coverage.

Dip into loose powder and tap the excess onto the led. Then dust all over the face in round motions for an airbrushed finish.



One of the most practical make-up tools, this brush is characterised by its fan-like structure.

This multipurpose tool can be used to sweep away excess product in the form of dark eye shadow, blend away any harsh lines left by bronzer or blusher, or even add a sheer touch of colour itself.

Sweep the brush onto the desired product and gently buff in long motions into the skin.


The stippling brush will give the skin an airbrushed finish (left), while the lip brush will give a defined Hollywood pout (right).



One of the less common brushes, it is flat-topped and suitable for the application of almost any type of base.

Dot foundation on the needed areas of the face and use the brush to blend in circular motions.

The densely-packed hairs will aid in creating an airbrushed look which looks perfect even in harsh lighting.



Although applying lipstick straight out of the tube will provide a softer, smudgier look, a lip brush is perfect for a precise Hollywood smile.

Dab the bristles onto the lipstick or lip gloss, ensuring there is a moderate amount of product and line the lips with the brush.

Then taking more product, fill in the rest of the lips; blot with a tissue and repeat for an intense pout.

The long bristles make for fluid application, but the rounded tip ensures the finish is smooth and evenly applied.


The blusher brush (left) is perfect for sweeping on a touch of colour onto the cheeks, and the powder brush (right) will give a light mattifying effect.



With fluffy bristles and a rounded finish, a blusher brush is used to apply a dash of colour in the form of blusher or bronzer.

Dab into the product, tapping the excess off, and apply in long strokes up towards the temples.



For a light mattifying effect, use a powder brush - characterised by thick fluffy bristles.

The sparser set bristles are more suitable for light distribution of loose powder, and will leave a natural, even finish on the skin.

Sweep a small amount of product onto the brush, tap the excess into the lid, and gently dust on the shiny areas.



Celebrity make-up artist and MAKEUP Academy founder Davinia Fermi’s recommends her must-have brushes to makeup lovers:

  1. Foundation brush: The key to gaining an even buffed finish - ideal for blending along the face and neck to avoid a strong foundation line
  2. Fan brush: I actually use this for contouring - great for shading cheekbones to highlight bone structure
  3. Small slanted brush: An essential for creating the perfect arch for eyebrows with precision so they look natural.
  4. Blushers brush: Use on the apple of cheeks - the shape is quite tapered, so use in a circular motion to create even gradual rosy cheeks.
  5. Kabuki – This can be used to apply make-up all over the face but especially good to contour under jaw line when applying bronzer.
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