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The Make-up of the Tang Dynasty By Vonira Beauty Team

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Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
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The Make-up of the Tang Dynasty By Vonira Beauty Team

The Make-up of the Tang Dynasty By Vonira Beauty Team


For the make-up in Tang Dynasty,In fact, we should be no stranger,because Korean bride makeup and Japanese geisha makeup are similar to the Tang Dynasty make-up.

In Tang Dynasty,the women favored the following facial features:white skin,red,cheek,Large dimple,and cherry small mouth.

In Tang Dynasty,there are 2 makeup types:white makeup and red makeup.

1.White makeup:only powdered and thrush,without the rouge,so the face seems simple but elegant.it’s kind of like modern light makeup.

2.Red makeup:You can see it’s totally different from the white makeup by the name,for the red makeup,it apply all kind of the rouge on the face,like wine dizzy makeup,peach blossom make-up,it’s a bit like the heavy makeup.

Now,we main introduce the Tang Dynasty makeup from lip,foundation,eye brow and women's head ornament.

Like we talk before,they like the small month,so for the lip makeup,first,they use the white powder to cover their month,then draw the favorite shape on their lip,like round,heart-shape,flower shape and so on.


At the beginning,they use the rice flour as the foundation to white their skin,but the makeup can’t be last for long,so after exploring again and again,they found lead powder,although they know the powder is not well for their health,it is enough.beautiful and white.

3.Eye brow
The thrush is essential makeup step for Tang Dynasty women,even for the young children,so the shape of the eyebrows is also varied,and you can see the different shape as following:


Women ’s head ornament


There are many sayings about the head ornament’s origins,anyway the head ornament is kind of the paper-cuts,and there are 3 colors:red,yellow and green.For the shape,in addition to plum blossoms, there are also a variety of flowers, birds and fish.


Except for the head ornament,face dimple is also popular in the Tang Dynasty.You can draw a new moon or money on the cheek, or add two small rouge between the dimples.


So, do you know more about Tang makeup now?


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