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The Classification of Eyebrows

Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
Good quality High Quality Makeup Brushes for sales
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The Classification of Eyebrows

The Classification of Eyebrows

In order to make suitable makeup,to make suit eyebrows is also important.
Before you learn to thrush,you should know how many types of eyebrows there are,because different eyebrows give different feelings, which also directly affects your overall makeup.

There are 8 eyebrows types:standard eyebrows,synophrys,lifting eyebrows,hang eyebrows,circular arc eyebrows,willow-leaf eyebrows,close to heart eyebrows,far heart eyebrows.

1.Standard eyebrows:proportional standard eyebrow,as the picture showing:

2.Synophrys:Like Chinese word”一”,brows,eyebrow brow waist,eyebrow ridge,eyebrow tail basically at the same level,give people a feeling of peace and childishness.

3.Lifting eyebrows:the eyebrow tail over the brows,so it give people a sense of spirit and fashion, but the eyebrow tails are too high will appear indifferent and severe.

4.Hang eyebrows:eyebrow tails lower than the brows,it will give you the illusion that you are Daiyu Lin.So try not to draw such eyebrows

5.Circular arc eyebrows:the entire eyebrow is in the shape of an arc,the eyebrows can help you to show your femininity,it gives us a feeling of gentle and graceful.


6.Willow-leaf eyebrows:similar to the arc eyebrow, so it also can show you are gentle and graceful,but the overall eyebrow shape is thin and curved.Ancient people usually draw such eyebrows.


7.Close to heart eyebrows:The brows on both sides are close,maybe let people think you are sorrow, nervousness, anxiety,so in tome extent,it similar to the hang eyebrows.

8.Far heart eyebrows:the brows on both sides are far apart,so make you looks carefree and optimistic

Of course,to choose the suitable eyebrows,in addition to the above mentioned,but you also need to judge and choose from your eyes shape, face shape, makeup types, etc

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